Updated on: June 5, 2023

15 Stunning Barber Websites Examples of 2023

By Monica Ras

Are you a barber looking to grow your business? Are you looking for the best ways to reach potential clients?

The barber business is an ever-growing industry that caters to men of all ages and backgrounds, so owning a compelling website is vital. In this article, we will review the best barber websites to hint at how to bring success to your barbershop.

We want to help you connect with modern-day gentlemen and become integral to their grooming routine.  

Gentlemen Barber Clubs min

Gentlemen Barber Clubs

URL: https://www.gentlemen-barberclubs.de/

When it comes to the barbers business, there’s no confusion about your target audience. The Gentlemen Barber Clubs website uses this knowledge well and instantly sets the right mood.

The front page consists of the screen fit photograph of two sophisticated-looking men with fresh cuts. It always features the business’s logo and name in shiny gold.

Although the users are met with no information, the design has a mysterious and compelling effect.

After successfully catching visitors’ attention, the website includes some short, concise information and more old-fashioned photographs a scroll away.

Notes to take from this website:

  • You don’t need much text or elements to catch attention;
  • Use powerful and high-quality photographs;
  • Visualize and address your target audience.

Builder used: Custom

Don Barber Groom min

Don Barber & Groom

URL: https://don-barber.gr/en/

The Don’s Barber & Groom website meets the visitor in two separate sections. The section on the left represents the available services and features a salon photograph. The section on the right invites users to overview the business’s products.

The rolling text line welcoming the visitors to Don’s World is a nice touch. The welcoming message, combined with the short introduction below, instantly creates a warm connection with the business.

Although various colors are used on the front page, they do not intersect. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • Include a welcome message to create a connection;
  • Use representative photographs;
  • You can divide your website into different sections and still keep unity.

Builder used: WordPress

Blind Barber min

Blind Barber

URL: https://blindbarber.com/

The Blind Barber website has a minimalistic but professional look. It features a clearly visible and readable header. The header is easy to navigate for those who want to learn more about the business or book an appointment.

You can notice the dominating contrast of black and white colors. These well-contrasting colors create a clean design for the website.

We also love the showcasing of the business’s original products on the front page.

It emphasizes the Blind Barber’s originality, uniqueness from the others, and professionalism.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Be proud of your originality and product;
  • Create a clean and professional design by combining a few contrasting shades;
  • Keep your header clearly visible and easy to navigate.

Builder used: Custom

Tweed Barbers min

Tweed Barbers

URL: https://tweedbarbers.com/

Another excellent example of using contrasting colors that go well together is Tweed Barbers’s website. The website beautifully incorporates graphite, red and white colors. It makes the design look masculine and classy.

Making the option for booking an appointment a bright red button is an excellent tactic to catch the visitor’s attention.

The front page also includes some type of motto that conveys the business’s values and respect for tradition.

The website features the business’s contact info in the header, making it easier to notice. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • Put the business’s contact info in a clearly visible way;
  • Include a motto representing your business’s values;
  • Use colors that may help attract your target audience.

Builder used: WordPress

Barbers saloon min

Barber’s saloon

URL:  http://barber.premiumcoding.com/

If you’re looking for a more conventional and professional-looking website, you should take some hints from this website. It features a simple black-and-white header with a clearly visible booking button.

The front page includes an ongoing slideshow of various photographs directly addressing visitors. It also features bold statements that might catch the attention of many users.

Below you can find multiple pictures of popular beard styles that help inspire potential customers.

On the right, you can see some of the prices for the available services. The transparency makes this business look trustworthy.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Include clear pricing;
  • Give some inspiration on what you can offer to your clients;
  • Create a neat design with an established color palette.

Builder used: WordPress

The Beard Smith min

The Beard Smith

URL: https://www.thebeardsmith.com/

The Beard Smith’s website features a modern and eye-catching design, making it a great addition to this list. The front page includes fading photographs of the barbering process, products, and employees.

It instantly sets the mood and encourages users to book an appointment. If you have a cool logo like the Barber Smith, be sure to flaunt it on a bigger scale.

It is worth mentioning that barbering is a business of servicing people, so recommendations are vital to its success.

That is why including customer reviews on the front page can help you secure potential customers and build trust.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Include a customer reviews section;
  • Flaunt your logo;
  • Show your work progress to encourage action.

Builder used: WordPress

Fort Worth Barber Shop min

Fort Worth Barber Shop

URL: https://www.fortworthbarbershop.com/

You don’t need many colors to create a captivating website that sets the correct mood. The Fort Worth Barber Shop’s website bases the design on the color black, combined with white text font. It creates a modern and neat look while not overloading the visitor with too many elements.

The screen-wide photograph of the barbershop shows the users what kind of setting would be waiting for them.

Upon opening the website, the users are met with the business’s motto, which encourages users to book an appointment.

The call to action button below the motto only reinforces this encouragement. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • You don’t need to overload your website to make an impression;
  • Meet the visitors with your business’s motto;
  • Include a clear call to action.

Builder used: Squarespace

Capellis Gentlemens Barbershop min

Capelli’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop

URL: https://www.capellis.com/

Capelli’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop website proves once again that simplicity is key. The first glance at the website reveals the business’s name, a short introduction, and a couple of options. Incorporated page-wide pictures create an old-fashioned feeling.

The design portrays the business’s style and values really well. The menu element on the top left reveals the website’s structure and allows users to navigate easily.

The business’s experience is conveyed via the reviews from named customers.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Convey your style with well-chosen photographs;
  • Keep the design simple and organized;
  • Include a menu option, if you don’t want to overload the view.

Builder used: Custom

New York Barber Shop min

New York Barber Shop

URL: https://newyorkbarbershop.ca/yaletown/

The New York Barber Shop website perfectly represents a unified and fulfilled design. On the front page, the visitors can see a photograph of the barbershop.

As we mentioned, this sets the mood and expectations for potential customers.

It also portrays an attractive and old-fashioned design. The page sections below keep similar retro shades and coloring.

The users can either scroll through the information or use the navigation section on the left. The navigation section features lovely representational icons.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Have a unique design;
  • Keep your design throughout the website;
  • Give users the option to navigate however they like.

Builder used: WordPress

The Natural Barber min

The Natural Barber

URL: https://naturalbarber.co/

The Natural Barber website is as simple as it goes, but it’s attractive and well-organized. Upon opening the website, users are met with their motto in bold.

The motto represents the business’s values and the main idea of its products.

You instantly learn about what’s essential to the company and decide if your values align. The website doesn’t include a dark color palette usually associated with this target audience.

It also has a unique hair quiz that creates an interactive user experience.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t be afraid to create a unique design;
  • Boast about your values and strengths;
  • Include interactive experience.

Builder used: Custom

Board Room Styling Lounge min

Board Room Styling Lounge

URL: https://www.boardroomstylinglounge.com/

The Board Room Styling Lounge website features a broad color palette, partially representing the famous barber’s pole. The legendary symbol is also pictured on the front page to inform users about the type of business instantly.

The front page also includes the business's name in a large, eye-catching font. At first look, it looks like the design is all over the place.

There are too many different elements, colors, and layouts.

If you try to look past that, you will notice an organized structure and multiple choices for the user to navigate. However, we all know how important first impressions are.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t overload your website with too many differences;
  • Include a symbol for your business;
  • Keep the design as simple as possible.

Builder used: Custom

Scissors Scotch min

Scissors & Scotch

URL: https://scissorsscotch.com/

We’re back to another example of a website with a simple design and retro look. Upon opening the Scissors & Scotch website, users are welcomed and intrigued by a message.

The front page features a wide high-quality photograph of the barbershop.

The photograph showcases the barbershop’s old-fashioned and sophisticated design. This might be alluring to the target audience.

There’s also a joke included at the bottom of the background image. Keep in mind that entertaining the users helps make a better impression and instant connection.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Include a joke;
  • Don’t overload the front page;
  • Showcase your style.

Builder used: Custom

Abels on Queen min

Abel’s on Queen

URL: https://www.abelsonqueen.com/

The Abel’s on Queen website has a western design and undoubtedly portrays its connections with history and tradition. The front page includes a large-scale business logo that catches the attention really well.

It also contains a low-opacity picture, focusing all the attention on the short barbershop’s introduction in the middle.

Under the introduction, there is a charming button encouraging users to book an appointment.

The front page is well-structured, and all the options are clearly visible to the user. You can see no unnecessary distractions. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • Unique design;
  • No distractions;
  • Organized structure and easy to navigate.

Builder used: Custom

Ludlow Blunt min

Ludlow Blunt

URL: https://www.ludlowblunt.com/

The Ludlow Blunt website also features a sophisticated look but has some noticeable flaws. Upon opening a page, the users can see the video of the barbershop playing in the background.

This is not a scrollable page, so all the attention is concentrated on this area. The front page also includes the shop’s contact info.

You can notice instantly that the text color doesn’t contrast nicely with the background.

The chosen background video is bright, shiny, and somewhat distracting. It makes the website look a little too overloaded and not very clear.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Choose a background video that is not too shiny;
  • Pick well-contrasting colors;
  • Include an option to stop the video.

Builder used: Wix

Balls Barbershop min

Balls Barbershop

URL: https://ballsbarbershop.com.ua/

Last, but not least is the Balls Barbershop website. You can see the barber's symbol from the business’s logo spinning as you wait for the website to load. It is a minor but lovely detail.

The website has a straightforward design with well-contrasting dark grey, gold, and white colors. The header is very clearly visible and features well-picked icons for quicker navigation.

As you scroll down, you can see the pricing for all the services, ensuring transparency.

There’s also an introduction of the shop’s barbers, with beautifully designed photographs.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t be afraid to create a unique design;
  • Introducing your team to the user may create an instant connection;
  • Use a simple layout with non-eye-stretching colors.

Builder used: Custom


In conclusion, having an alluring barbershop website is a priority for building a successful business.

Convey your style, keep it simple and attractive, speak to your target audience, be transparent, and try to make it unique. Remember to add a catchy motto or a joke to capture the attention of potential customers!

With these tips in mind, you can create a website to help your barbershop really stand out.