Updated on: February 25, 2023

Best DJ Websites Examples for 2023

By the Digital Lemonade team

Are you an aspiring DJ looking to make a name for yourself in the music industry?

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, having an online presence is essential to building your fan base.

Building a unique website can be cumbersome and overwhelming. But we believe discussing some of the best examples on the market will give you plenty of inspiration.

So let's dive deep into how you can create a website to showcase your talent and connect with like-minded individuals.

Best DJ Websites Examples

Sam Feldt min

Sam Feld

URL: https://www.samfeldt.com/

This website has a great loading page - the DJ's name with an underlining animation. Not only does it represent that the website is loading, but it also introduces the user to the DJ. The front page has a blurred background image of a DJ in front of a crowd, immediately showing this business’s type. Although the artist's biography is not really necessary on the front page, you can still take some notes from this example. If you want your content to be visible and easily readable, use a dark background with light-colored text.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Use an eye-catching loading element;
  • Put text in a clearly visible background.

Builder used: WordPress

The Bullittagency min

The Bullittagency

URL: https://thebullittagency.com/

The Bullitt Agency represents a group of music producers and DJ’s. The agency’s website features a simple but modern-looking design. The header has options for easier navigation and checking out the company’s socials. Instead of encouraging people to book the service, this website’s call to action button invites visitors to meet the company’s representatives. Detailed information, location, music genres, labels, and socials are included for each person from the roster. This doesn’t overload the website with too much information and keeps it extremely organized.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Keep an organized layout;
  • Catch the user’s attention with a flashy statement;
  • Introduce yourself to the visitors well.

Builder used: WordPress

Brennan Heart min

Brennan Heart

URL: https://brennanheart.com/

Brennan Heart’s website is an excellent example of how you don’t need many words when your reputation speaks for you. Upon entering the page, the users can only see the DJ’s name, a cool photograph, and a few social media icons.  Scrolling down, the users can see the DJ’s Instagram content, a picture of a DJ set, and some music releases on display. There’s no actual text on the front page, but the chosen design captures the visitors' attention well. The website tells a story about this DJ and portrays his style only using visual elements.

Notes to take from this website:

  • You don’t need text to catch the visitors’ attention;
  • Showcase your talent on the front page;
  • Try to inspire a feeling with the correct colors and photographs.

Builder used: WordPress

Dominique Jardin min

Dominique Jardin

URL: https://dominiquejardin.com/

Similar to the previously reviewed website, Dominique Jardin’s website instantly introduces users to the DJ herself using a cool photograph. You will notice that the header is divided from the photograph, making the available navigating options clearly visible to the user. Scrolling down, the user can check out the DJ’s previous work and read a short introduction. Focusing on showcasing what you do, rather than anything else, may help keep the visitors interested in learning more about you.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Build a website that represents your vibe;
  • Share your work;
  • Keep it simple and organized.

Builder used: WordPress

BGM min


URL: https://www.bgmdcdj.com/

BGM features a unique design and a captivating layout. You get the first introduction by viewing a background video of people dancing happily at a wedding. The front page features some bold statements, portraying that these people are confident in guaranteeing a good time. Confidence helps ignite trust in any potential customers, so remember not to be shy. These DJs also effectively convey their area of expertise, in this case, weddings. You will notice that an alluring design and consistent color palette also help create a professional image.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t be shy to include bold statements;
  • Use a consistent color palette throughout the website;
  • Focus on conveying your style.

Builder used: Custom

Dimitri Vegas Like Mike min

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

URL: https://www.dimitrivegasandlikemike.com/

The website from DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike does an amazing job of instantly setting a party mood by welcoming visitors to the home of madness. The slideshow of pictures from their shows with thousands of people partying creates an ecstatic feeling as well. The text in the header is clearly visible, even with various bright photographs. You will also notice rather large icons of various social media and streaming platforms on the left side of the front page. Understanding the scope of your presence on these platforms and informing people that visit your website accordingly helps build a stronger brand image.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Encourage people to check your content on various platforms;
  • Share your latest releases to attract new listeners;
  • Portray your style and mood by choosing the right photographs.

Builder used: Custom

Nicky Romero min

Nicky Romero

URL: https://nickyromero.com/

DJ Nicky Romero's website is modern and futuristic in design. It has a one-of-a-kind slide show of some DJ’s news. The front page also includes a quick menu highlighting different sections as you scroll through. Users can also access various pages using the header's navigation buttons. Although the DJ does not share the most recent releases on the front page, he does keep people updated on his upcoming shows. This increases engagement and provides visitors with the most critical information right away.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Incorporate unique elements;
  • Include a non-disturbing page menu;
  • Inform visitors about your upcoming projects.

Builder used: WordPress

Martin Garrix min

Martin Garrix

URL: https://martingarrix.com/

Martin Garrix is one of the youngest DJs to achieve worldwide fame. We love how you can get a sense of youthfulness and modernism from his website. Upon entering the page, users are introduced to the DJ’s latest release and called to listen. Scrolling down, users can see a rolling section naming various festivals the DJ has performed at. You will notice that the elements from the DJ’s logo are repeatedly included throughout the website. This helps build a consistent brand image for the website. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • Incorporate your brand’s elements to keep an original brand image;
  • Showcase your experience;
  • Make a good first impression by introducing users to your music.

Builder used: Custom

Integral DJs min

Integral DJs

URL: https://integraldjs.com/

The Integral DJs website has a simplistic layout, still making an excellent impression on the user. The layout combines a menu section on the left and a slideshow of photographs on the right. The menu is neatly organized, allowing users to navigate separate pages and contact the business efficiently. The slideshow of high-quality photographs portrays the business really well. It shows users their area of expertise, their style, and the team.

Notes to take from this website:

  • You don’t need to put lots of information on your front page;
  • Help users navigate easily by building a prominent menu section;
  • Include a compelling slideshow of photographs.

Builder used: WordPress

Jay Hardway min

Jay Hardway

URL: https://www.jayhardway.com/

We have another unique website example from Jay Hardway. It features some of the DJ’s releases, live sets, and other works on the home page. What is interesting about this website is that it operates on membership bases. Some content is available to all visitors, but exclusive content is only accessible by signing up. This allows you to build a community of your listeners and measure your actual reach. The users are also given the option to read the DJ’s biography and contact him. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • You can build a closed community by introducing membership benefits;
  • Showcase your talent on the front page;
  • Keeping a simple layout improves your image as a professional DJ.

Builder used: WordPress

Max Grillo min

Max Grillo

URL: https://maxgrillodj.com/

Max Grillo’s website portrays the DJ’s style and personality really well by incorporating a dark background with a matching photograph. It instantly feels like a personal introduction from the DJ to the visitor. The white text throughout the website creates a well-contrasting look and makes the information extremely easy to read. This highly functional and well-built website ensures no confusion for the user and makes a professional impression. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • Use well-contrasting shades;
  • Introduce yourself to your potential audience;
  • Simplicity often creates a professional look.

Builder used: WordPress

Dan Buckley min

Dan Buckley

URL: https://www.danbuckley.com/

This website meets the user with a page-wide photograph of the newlyweds, instantly conveying that their main field is weddings. The text and some outlines have a contrasting orange color that nicely pops out. A strong statement about the business is in the middle of the home page, igniting users' trust. Scrolling down lets users see a short and concise introduction to the business’s services. A few call-to-action buttons are included throughout the website, encouraging people to become clients.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Boast about your achievements;
  • Inform about your services using well-chosen photographs;
  • Keep the information concise.

Builder used: Squarespace

Tim Clark min

Tim Clark

URL: https://timclarklive.com/

This website also features a DJ’s name as a loading element, introducing users to the artist. As soon as you enter the website, you notice a colorful background overloaded with various elements. It is slightly distracting, but the DJ probably wished to create a chaotic feeling. Below, the website showcases a few releases from the DJ and some other information blocks. A cool icon for the menu at the top right corner, revealing the detailed page structure, is a nice touch.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t add too many distracting elements;
  • Include a structured menu that is visible throughout the website.

Builder used: WordPress

Upperground min


URL:  https://upperground.art/

Upperground is an electronic music label from Ukraine with an exclusively futuristic website. It portrays the style a person would usually associate with electronic music and sets the mood well. The website catches the user’s attention with a layout that is not ordinary and, at first, looks a bit scattered. Upon opening the website, the users can see a song block and the bottom right, where they can listen, share or download a featured song. Although the website’s layout is all over the place, all the information is clearly visible and accessible to the user. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t be afraid to convey your uniqueness by choosing a bizarre layout or design;
  • Give the visitors a sneak peek at your tracks;
  • Keep a clearly visible header.

Builder used: WordPress

Carl Cox Official min

Carl Cox Official

URL: https://carlcox.com/

The Carl Cox Official website’s design is classy and mysterious at the same time. The user’s attention is immediately focused by using an artistic photo and an amazing quote from the DJ. The website’s layout looks well-built and organized, and the header is attention-grabbing. It doesn’t look overloaded, and there are no unnecessary distractions, making the website look extremely professional. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • You can make an impression, even with a simple layout, by choosing the right words, photographs, and colors;
  • Grab the attention by including an exciting quote from yours;
  • Remember to add something that shows your uniqueness and individuality. 

Builder used: WordPress

You might have noticed that the best websites are those that offer a platform for a DJ to showcase their style and share their work effortlessly.

Keeping your website original is key to making an impression on potential clients or listeners. Creating an engaging website can inspire people to learn more about you and your music and become a fan. So take a few minutes to make sure your website stands out from the rest.

Show off your skills and share what makes you unique!