Updated on: March 1, 2023

21+ Amazing Product Landing Page Examples. Copy-Paste Product Page Layouts (2023)

By the Digital Lemonade team

Welcome to the ultimate guide on creating a product page that wows! In this article, we will show you the best product page examples, and outline what you need to include to help grab potential customers’ attention, convince them to purchase and ensure a fun and smooth user experience.

Landing Product Page Examples

We'll also give you some top tips on increasing customer engagement on your product page and standing out from the competition. So let's get started!


At BulletProof, you can find a variety of sports and health supplements, guides for upgrading health, recipes, and other helpful information for more healthy living. The product page here is set up to be as functional as possible. There are a few product pictures included from different angles.

BuiUufSd0nt9jcBNa6CUo7SQu67Ml A0U 0 ZEFsOaadmWbvJA4AKEnEemhPGrUTG8D4VZ7tmUwB9oNKwi5lKfiJ6wB2ZJaddpgLgmLSrLIq7bM31CBQpH qUghZg8zf hNSjJ5 XcP7fM3aBX6 GLo

Users can read a short product description on the right and choose various product options. The option buttons are clearly visible and apparent. Setting a default choice for a product subscription is an excellent way of attracting the customer’s attention to this option. Added list of the product’s benefits provides the essential information for the user in a convenient format.

T1p5NADFWfN2j922AI2OFp fWywaYVKe2ar3bf1y4bxAeihV ssaQ3RGH2cRmzJLwavP0fW1e2cFzsmcyu6x1vP0ICH pLxD70thvBx3YmNWmuIK Rr2rst0h2Nd iusXvwGdHJEF4 HX1pSqnJkBHc

For those who want to learn more detailed information about the product’s usage, ingredients, and advantages to the body, there’s a large block with concise information and associative photographs.


Notes to take from this website:

  • Highlight the product’s benefits;
  • Include detailed information about the product;
  • Add detailed information about ingredients and nutritional value in a clearly visible way.


Being one of the market’s leaders, it is no surprise that Apple has a powerful product page. Scrolling through this page, you can see beautifully integrated high-quality photographs with a black or gradient background. 

UUp H JUhtMXs0ZxlKwshDzxlikj HN6aDZQajW Q4ICTDBOZwMgJ6Vs5hV4k 7mEh9BM3C2AvO1Q48GeujatiEFlELnvcwWE4znaZ kau4bAAT6sRRV8E

Smooth transitions reveal more and more information about the product as you scroll down. The users can learn more about the product’s specifications, new features, and strong characteristics.


We love this product page's uniqueness and its focus on creating an experience for the users by taking them on the journey of introducing the product in-depth. Scrolling down, users can also see available deals, app features, and links to more specific information. The products are displayed in comparison with each other at the end of the page and feature unique short descriptions. We believe this helps users effortlessly decide which product fits their needs the best.

Z3puV7k9cM6EAEj4KKcD4QEcEt FaI2cmHseQl8oyvQHW8n3PVWzIgz30yUzMhxcAkIn6wcHiVu4IIBRzV3FjzirA5ZcBrCslrC69ls6M1uQSANsdBsBItVIGklhGNOsatVusnJyVveP yI33VfCRa0

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional product page layout;
  • Creating an experience for the user helps draw them in;
  • Boast about your product’s features and advantages.

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring product page starts with a modern, high-quality photograph of the products, instantly attracting the visitor's attention. The users are introduced to the product immediately, with a bold statement and a one-sentence description. This area also has an incorporated call-to-action button, encouraging users to shop now. Overall, this section is a powerful yet concise introduction to the Oura Ring, intriguing users to learn more. 

SuGDJBVsjDUS5Km4wksxWpucGpPKIRR0fD 8a1R5o4aG8Pn3HqLUzp81P187HNxKgu f41V zlf3jEbS0w6eS4IBIWtZ4PV V0DEwbBlYNeLxW9VnIdrtSSoolqsFU7cEwd3vormkA LmN q i1UUc

This product page features smooth transitions and beautifully built sections, showcasing the product’s unique features. We find it fascinating how the page portrays these features by introducing the associative information on the product’s app. 

rEUfkpa746icGEgsX PwrmBk9BNa0786YYrrjZKVxm1MMC0B5i6kmLZDspXpkIAEEorrOYVavns1AW yIeGRC7zhJhjrfIXOxuDUVej 4XDia05nbMrYbQpggW6C4HvUJOrKBhnp1H8gENqa9b iKk

While scrolling through the page, the users are consistently given a choice to shop Oura Rings. This is presented by the floating header section, which disappears as you go down and reappears when you scroll up. This particular feature is excellent for making it easier for the user to take action if they decide to purchase the product while going through the information.

ADwOJyqjdOZWCEbzvGhTLjB j17LdHDuSMc94dcX67MwvMYHh5lcLfUTK3 DZOUbMJy5itk5wSTZlYDh5TWi

Notes to take from this website:

  • Allow the visitors to take action from anywhere on the page;
  • Include bold statements about your product;
  • If you have an app, give the users a sneak peek at how to navigate it.


This product page is an excellent example of how you can take your product’s advantage and portray it interactively. Upon opening the page, the user can see the encouragement to slim their wallet and a couple of associative pictures below. The users can instantly understand that this product is a great alternative to a bulky and inconvenient wallet. By moving the slider left and right, the visitors can see how Bellroy’s wallet is superior to other wallets. We believe this is a fantastic way to make a strong impression on the potential customer.

p2Usiyz4AFPdkMmPErCGPwKdZbJW PD3wU0UnbN RFn4fHs6v71o32Icl4e 5fgOP8d5hX8Ic826ZrAD2b49499u7nbqTqSb1mS4sl1Y1cgLnhdu50d64Sc

Users can scroll down to watch a video and learn more about the product. The users are also given a choice to choose the product categories, depending on what they usually carry in their wallets. Choosing one out of three categories reveals a variety of Bellroy’s products that suit the user’s choice. This section allows you to conveniently display all the available products, their respective prices, and links to purchasing them. It also makes it easier for the user to differentiate between products and helps to make a measured purchasing choice.

zfBiWtF46gdvunGlPOfEkrm8swj5Y01RmOZ3JFKwQ1gpzbDuPa6CiVqpb1RzRsGZU0cm9gAUnuP8CHIY05bDqaf5iJJY BpEV6 AXz78MtNAg0ZEtHo5HW28vFsM6YnLa IcXpUaI Cg0wyLncaLU U

Notes to take from this website:

  • Include interactive actions;
  • Showcase your competitive advantages;
  • Build a layout for easier navigation through your products.


ClickUp’s product page kicks off with its selling points and calls to action. The users can see the product’s motto, a short explanation, ratings, assurance of a free product, the display of how the app works, and encouragement to sign up - all in the first look at the product page. 

xcTdFcX dr VwQMWmtb s35walr147f8 qrMzIckgYpVVGtoQObcB6J7IJKA2ADUlzN0nwfmbi1lILE2Fx7Eh1OdjePpzQ4Q0VP5dGnp7LVCF8CvPkdOej9vDSTOh2Bp3C8m

The product page also includes a call to join over 800 thousand teams, listing some of them. This helps build trust in this product and motivates visitors to become clients. Scrolling down, the users can learn more about the features which make the app special. They are introduced in different areas of interest, such as Projects or Goals. ClickUp’s available features are presented together with video information from the app. Alternative apps for performing these tasks are listed as a way to emphasize that with ClickUp, you will only need one app. 

iuxacO8qXAt9HkweRf9Pp9mJlvNlMGaPa1WYOAaHuvbrIeoSy3SiI8j8EAFiy EmpHIs1uyK3Gn wvu5U7jLe9kX7 F1ruqMqa32 dLguqXDbNa9EsmJwuQIWCtEwEvt5cU3vSyJQ8m uclYRN3VuM

On this product page, you can also see a demonstration of how the ClickUp would be useful in different industries or company departments. 

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Notes to take from this website:

  • Visualize different ways users could benefit from using your app in particular;
  • Explain your product’s applicability in different scenarios;
  • Catch the visitor’s attention by singling out your selling points.


Huel is another brand that gives much attention to being as transparent and informative about its product as possible. Upon opening this product page, the users can read a short and cornice description about the product and view available flavor choices on the right. You can see a couple of the choices marked as popular or brand favorite, which can help people make an easier choice.


Scrolling down reveals the most important information about the product’s composition. Users can then choose to learn about nutritional or ingredient information by choosing the respective links. Additionally, below is a list of other great characteristics of this product.

oUfZyc183qVnyl7g1 UIRppRuHnATe sdO3cyjjg2ew2l1VFe7iq zOCtjluM1yeuYhXINtlPeHnjwjL1Sa hKRezHaVJ6kGzyz6VWR9j7IWA46R68pVM5zKPCwEXjZHwEy1GjAmva

The Huel product page also includes a questions block where users can expand questions to learn the company’s answers. This block incorporates a variety of questions that seems to have been asked in the past. This shows that the brand is transparent and cares about customer feedback.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Emphasize why your product is better by including some numbers;
  • Include a FAQ block;
  • Include detailed information about your product later on your product page.

Kettle and Fire

Kettle and Fire is a brand offering nutrient-filled broths created with farmers' help. Upon opening the product’s page, you can see a few high-quality photographs and a short product description. The users are given a choice to subscribe or make a one-time purchase. You can also notice that this company incorporates a rewards system, where purchasing bigger quantities results in different rewards. 

b ZHfv qxwpk7yk2fSm882mNrk lAJRBptl7s5kw8byXzu2rKehl4YnGhtLTY04dpCO4kvFLKzQsAxh16wHKGUtUD7r689fG2 pcCXVo747mCXMOqf73nNE1VLL 5Q52hCeXNt3u1XOfLp bi0ZkGT0

We also love how the product’s nutritional value seems to be the primary focus on this product page. Users can scroll down to learn about the product’s allergen information, nutrition facts, consumption, and ingredients. This layout helps draw users’ attention to the most important information about the product and its main selling point. 

jhUR2P6DQQ45B7DnmPJ871sW21xdkqQmzop 2iqqcCgA9LB6u4Zt23GBTPJOQjTyxp9rHiE13 lnGF1zcrKd5fQ63gVt3dRBF

Adding the number of customers and showcasing some of the reviews from happy customers on the product page helps build trust in your brand. You can also enhance this effect by displaying your company’s values.

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Notes to take from this website:

  • Be transparent about your ingredients and nutritional value;
  • Use a reward system for products that can naturally be bought in bulk;
  • Build trust in your brand by sharing honest product reviews.

Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto displays another great example of a product page that convinces users to try the product. It features a short description of the product and its benefits. Users are also presented with multiple choices for product flavors. Choosing a flavor reveals respective product pictures on the left, helping users to make the purchasing choice.

The first time entering the page, the users are encouraged to sign up and get 15% off the price. This is an extremely effective tactic for attracting new customers, motivating them to make a purchase, and gaining data for marketing purposes. 

Because this product is a rather unique supplement, we love how the brand singles out different ways people can use the product. This sets a seed in a person’s mind about potential scenarios in which the product could be useful on a daily bases. 

eLEaUXpvEsHnvCkDL9kebKuNnyi4ZtdrhRsWe4y2KGzx22j4mkD0Jey49LlpyY0Je6CLWo6 eOR QtcGw3ZfPYaTwr1YKMaLc2 sEiZgToFBjr3rkSFshMV5e6RaMNLJophD2GFTbteOm4PpsTvMwIk

The incorporated recipes block helps mitigate possible confusion about the product and inspires users to try the tasty recipes by purchasing the product. 

GXfgsp0vY10scjuyQFEVx5LWCvj9XgF5Ac46SbJLqiAkp14DDgXJ1ow0QFz4N6HFYTn VZYjoXQKak16nFGyJccsjonLzoMy3bqBKr2KdDAQfD4JYdkO1kTKXE4RcfSnWdrG

There’s also an included reviews section at the bottom of the page, which stretches out for many pages.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Offer special deals for new customers;
  • Introduce users to a variety of scenarios in which your product could be used;
  • Add a recipes section to inspire people to try them by purchasing the product.


Incredibleeats is a brand that sells edible, vegan, and sustainable alternatives to utensils. It features a rather simplistic product page, which still manages to make an impact on the user. Upon entering the product page, users are introduced to the product, its usage, and its ingredients. The purchasing options are obvious and attract the visitor’s attention instantly. 

fwvYWoyf0YyThLoyMgnOcn4bRtmeshN 9R1CRBrb6qA26U1KkX5RuwZR4H GyGWRYBspfw79W xfezK5vhae0PY6x5 8PLF4KvAGIuzQS6XOCbrGCsSsPW7i7DijCljTCTZ0wzv8rCNHjCulw7I5OZ8

After scrolling through a couple of high-quality photographs, the users are introduced to the company’s main value and goal. The information is presented using colorful backgrounds, beautiful pictures, and concise text. We believe the choice of colors here should help keep the user interested and raise the mood. 

7WMPC5M yn KhXFDY98A0i1coK2pRtEp3SPWAPn6uGykRQv6KWIYLl WzJP movla5Ed3nyZcnPmNziXgi8pGiGs

The product page also has an incorporated declaration of important partners of the brand. Not only does this section convince users about the brand’s seriousness about reaching sustainability. It also shows that this brand is trustworthy. The link to learn more allows users to find more information on how the brand is taking steps towards a more sustainable environment.

mmePKo TOBpJ8 R bVmVHo9VeAL7QK7VH750mI47b wpYPEiY0GOwWMdJZwXjd0BAbDqp0vOIELa42Nsc CKGQSrCw8I Skzpe9302yJZwvp6IGFEdJkJ8oZvScWDhVHoO0DRiraA02pduWHfL0hLs

Notes to take from this website:

  • Use colorful photographs and background colors to improve the user’s mood;
  • Emphasize your company’s values;
  • Keep the information as concise as possible.


Burga is a brand offering a variety of products but is mainly known for its stunning phone cases. We immediately notice that this product page incorporates many different pictures of the product. On the right, the users can select the preferred case type, which is represented by respective pictures of different layer combinations. 

s20nChWPycC3 FErJN9r9Fw5m0azzhvY wbnaMPTB PScmNZ8Z4RdleAL6LuW gDIJ1LKFUai1Ci5gMNNc9rFcwtmOfG2V lAXlEct UqMD0H9S1SLFqKNpS1HcUzz6wvEnu5AUAMBCe01yFk0XJGA

The product page also includes sections that could motivate users to purchase more products. The “Recommended for you” block displays other products with the same design, which could encourage people to get the full set. The “We think you’ll love” block lists products with other designs. This block could help navigate the user in finding other attractive designs. These sections mitigate the probability that the user’s search for a product will end by checking out only one product. 

rzguimYh90guyjn3nnbL0vZ7yRUD17s67sr vAo26U0lCQZuVyAYgCFiLTfr8Lcue19bFKLDxfknc BYU7SLxP66l6mBLZ138D7AO7SorGK7SUw0FyY5qxDeoTH0 Vf2OFa2AhIYDaTl6k2Pk6IgziI

Although we believe that showcasing your product’s features with video footage is highly effective, portraying them with nice and fun icons works wonders as well. Burga proves it well by using cute icons to display the product’s powerful features on the product page. 

9gQpBauSXftFHrjNmlL c8CAQ0odxKHHw9rara3p6KiELkQ4uQGaJmtEf3IfsxhgNDIEX8vCjso1vqOdRWgBunnZ GwDZf8O5gIH3465

Notes to take from this website:

  • Use different ways to emphasize your product’s unique features;
  • Include sections for recommending different products for the user;
  • Include lots of associative pictures.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova’s product page seems simple, but it’s highly functional. First of all, after entering this page, users can select from a wide variety of clothing sizes and specify the fit of their bodies. The size chart is also included here to make the size selection process easier for the user. We also notice an amazing feature - a bar highlighting how stretchy the particular piece of clothing is. Sometimes people can be wary about buying clothing online, as trying it on is impossible. Functions like these mitigate this worry by making a choice more precise.

jLpbY8PIu2 ocdfMq2lH1QXX0m0QUHlmuZeHJ2AXf6 MDG8V LEXzCmpEV4xIenqd2W6hmDBfwiifBFWjtu7tatZXk07eTR2W9M Cy8 TE2XS7uiRFwWTirmkUoqyFMyEGvsbAtQtUc1pddPD3iJ4

Users can then view the overall rating of the selected clothing and read some of the reviews. This section also has an incorporated slider that shows how the clothing fits the usual sizes.

DPqiF30KSy Onpprdlt3q faw3v7k7TadxqYhcJ0oSmfVFlReDcvlvIevYlObzjsg pM1Nhht6f7 wLzHaSM6sXv1U o4XieUGVEQWuPVDQG5UUhgV6QL8qkiZH8QunI6QU5hvVp3TsY5DNsmnEZ E8

A recommendations block at the bottom of the page shows similar products in the chosen clothes category. This helps users find what they truly want by giving many suggestions in one place. It also improves the chances of the user making a purchasing choice.

Notes to take from this website:

  • Help the users choose the perfect product for them;
  • Include customer reviews;
  • Incorporate a recommendations block.


You will notice that Asos similarly tries to give potential customers as much information about the product but does it a little differently. On the Asos product page, information about the product, brand, size and fit, product care, and materials can be found in different groups that can be expanded by clicking a plus sign. Not only does this allow providing more information to the user, but it also helps do it in an organized way.

eCom21QA9u hX Ice9kagftiyAXQr7ALCOLsQXz4mURD4Jb F5urZnfiga0sFxFbLJfoQVY zw7

There’s also a sizing help block to help potential customers choose the clothing size better. After clicking for help, the fit assistant pops out. Users are then asked to enter their height and weight and select tummy shape, chest shape, age, and fit preference. After some calculations, users are shown the recommended size for them. We believe it’s a handy tool to add to your product page if you sell clothing.

IZvvJr2KUAM2Uc8voPiAG102q50MpOJCAcOjKdWJ621PCWorORj7O68LXD7XhndDCW4R OjF7kve8Hdo5YCXZtRl17pU 6xDELWNdEOsvicneW9bxIlG kNq hRkJfQkIDRA6U0TnzGPJDw9kim guw

This product page also has a recommendations block with various similar items. We already discussed the benefits of adding this kind of section, but we want to point out something different here. None of the items have product names, making viewing them less distracting. There’s also a link to learn more about how the products are selected for recommendation.

5rBiRZA mkZMwQMlLQolRJkiXY68SvaPKcLV8rmsYO2mj7a17wUEKwqv9CrFDyHWZzqxjXZofEKVAXmlZCHrhc 7yQ

Notes to take from this website:

  • Incorporate an in-detail sizing guide for easier product selection;
  • Ensure your recommendations block is not overly distracting;
  • Provide information in an organized way.


Gymshark is a well-known brand of sports clothing. We immediately notice that Gymshark’s product page has a very compact layout and doesn’t provide many information for the user. Users can select the product's color and size upon entering a page. A size guide is included near the size selection but is rather simplistic. We think the ability to add an item to a wishlist is a great option because it reminds people about their products of interest. Gymshark also provides the ability to pay for the items in installments. It shows that the brand is ready to suit the different needs of its customers.

ajrhxpR1jqEI1iQroywGmhad QFHHZhJoxmSDh4DX5CX0aJYE18M89cxu7lsmOQVNBRMxYqk5NLzTg4z3gp 8HZp2QFgUHVo

We would also like to commend the choice of photographs on the product page. They portray the product characteristics that are most important for potential customers. This helps the users better imagine how the product would feel and look on the body during an exercise.

Nevertheless, we believe there could be a more attractive way to display all the information about the product. This format, in particular, doesn’t look eye-catching and can be easily overlooked. 

7LPyAoKOUSk7msloU5uuXJuJCpBCKMOMk8K2ODScWK6x 3QbDg0RKPuF sxPizgUhlb8Sy IDlmK Hg0 NCrPfU9ITxpYH1Rsqx68GcGu733OgP3Cjf6pS73t6dXiVFtbr9DfXxekFinxrw MVBF04

Notes to take from this website:

  • Showcase all the important product characteristics with photographs;
  • If possible, provide the ability to pay in installments;
  • Include the ‘Add to wishlist’ option.


GFuel’s product page features a funky design, just like its product packages. It shows great unity and helps improve the mood of the visitors. Once entered, the product page displays a choice to make a one-time purchase or subscribe to save money. It is nice how the buttons associated with purchasing all have a different colored background. Users can learn more information about the product by clicking appropriate grouped sections.

zuk0gzEVAPLpDYU24FH9bVzy3QYx7K t7eWmS5ZPRKDBbDS46X2jQA8udpbKmLEZh6X5gxKvsd3gUlubw9OjJssMeKpFivGCbwayj jsGTaQhUqEqom Qv8c9Y3BOGyJHY6ML 0SgwrnQAmX1sGDsgA

Below, the users can see a few of the social media icons encouraging them to share about this product. This is a rather unique way of prompting your customers to advertise your product for you.

KHrPE5LyXTfNcaLHJ0zQqFma1 UKf3wVmGZyy4JsCxldhN98Fd8k8T0AiAQhP0ZJsXftCuFIsiNoWvvQAglkOkSIp6vBFydlDdUMmnQokTMLy 70TwB5jBDNoB hK

We also adore the FAQ block incorporated into GFuel’s product page. It has an eye-catching background and provides users with the most important information in a concise manner. Who said the FAQ block has to look boring?

wZvFyR6pB28xg5Nf7CvBew3a6XAf1OMGZKwdIM0BTGSQLgZZfmrDOAHDeuhou7d 6pIk27zkHHY9hH9RZ8 BNQyfdpDu68HBMXT1gUiLSOIw1CbiW3wjCTcyxB9q0XBJCoKfBj2gisjaIvxTTsk 2TE

Considering that people do not always people turn to e-stores for their shopping, it’s a great decision to emphasize where your products can be found in physical stores.

RsiYebuFj1WE11PxeoPLVNvNoGKIzUl2QBSArBEbV wjBlUga9QAHbEIVShWjqWStCWshkCMtPWwLF9 lL9fZFrC9mULj57EuBad0Xzn7EeEQKWYv BbrSKipU7EWERQpciydHpUSglzzfWyMval6Q

Notes to take from this website:

  • Make sure your product page’s design relates to your product’s design;
  • Include the FAQ block;
  • Involve ways to raise your social media presence. 


LootCrate offers crates for almost every movie, game, or comic geek. The product page here is extremely simple and not overloaded with too much information. There’s a bright orange button encouraging visitors to purchase the crate. Users are also informed about how many people are currently viewing the same product. This shows that the product is desirable and can motivate users to commit to purchasing.

xaFvUUH6uj1USnW4gx3zTuRVmZLTl mT56fspqJKizX0qFMFoiwbZP6Bj8utz24Be QOmGTNAvE51x szIzqej2DPtCih hIDelaIf1cvmocopqCKNSdu0EDRjJdikp8Lo F08Vzz22sc Tb1SO2sNg

We think it is essential to provide potential customers with as much information as possible to decrease confusion. That is why adding an in-depth explanation of how your product works is an excellent way to attract customers and inspire trust in your brand. LootCrates does this very well, not only by explaining the whole process but also by adding nice associative icons. 

mF3jeN7e8fjn9sJEFRCprreGpPwgc3mq TBkwsaghzfCn FqOWXP FEuYS6NzK5dk5jo1gryx8d3XuufDDm5XLezCaQmINbuWkgBvhIL

The LootCrate product page also has an incorporated recommendations block that helps navigate users to similar products. Naming this section ‘People also love’ is a powerful way to show that the customers like your brand and that making the purchase will not disappoint.

TPK0At0vkyPs5HtZILOfsivT3XJJv7 KcYMV68wiNFFNJ o8kX04RmdtloehiBikR J8QkGm552Pmf04SNtw8RyIS6OEv7vs1P3RpbN0ONXO ZG0Scq9wiZLzbaM9 H3Vncw6LMaWcmmat i4J1O7 w

Notes to take from this website:

  • Add the count of people currently viewing your product to show its desirability;
  • If your product has a recurring system, explain the process as clearly as possible;
  • Showcase what kind of other products your customers love.


The CutsClothing product page gives a wide variety of choices for its products. The colors are nicely divided into groups, making choosing easier for potential customers. Below the adding to cart button, users can enter their zip code and see when the product would arrive if they were to purchase it. It is extremely helpful for people to know this information instantly and not at the last steps of the purchase.

6AK9 NmUl5M5RJ5ZbqYNzR 06n1OaKKvmd4Os7F1N64SKo1v3 ki1 ePma19 QAqYwAEB7dqo l2T6gh3SykS3 Im wOJDtDC2HZGpEK HBt0MJtyKF o3qQGc40gGDWKpk g 1R4p5W8M6qMovYRsU

CutsClothing also chooses an excellent way to emphasize its product’s characteristics in an eye-catching way. Singling them out in a separate section and combining them with cute icons ensures that the user will not miss this information. 

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It is important to understand where your product stands in the market. When we’re talking about clothes, it is difficult to really stand out. That is why, if your product has unique features, be sure to effectively inform potential customers about it. CutsClothing fulfills this thought well by adding a section explaining why the product is exclusive.

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Notes to take from this website:

  • Include associative icons to convey the information better;
  • Inform potential customers about the supposed item's arrival date;
  • Be sure to emphasize your product’s uniqueness.


GetJoggy features an extremely attention-grabbing product page that instantly sets the mood. The spinning product image definitely works wonders in hypnotizing the visitors to learn more about it. On the right, users can see the usual short description and options for purchasing. 

sHBcyl 8UHXxduA7tXfKwYNQqJkTtXfEXxQw4D8VGrzh4TjIonGJsI7i6A5Ton2okAnlRr2w9 EhLoeTHI7QiZJlOvq72 TAuvl8Pc1O1 WUjLlV A7wHrL3xNcTegiE6BZh0IccGfjJmadL DzzOE4

Scrolling down reveals a little more information while still showing images of the product. There’s a section for showing similar or complementary products and a few grouped sections. Users can read more about the product, its usage, benefits, and even way of recycling by expanding the appropriate sections. This kind of organized layout helps make an already visually strong product page less distracting. 

xYAeWBp0DjjuJTYtOdxLoTDczh6nKr4IENQSE TM3p6heSIZlud mr3PNevPpb3 1di6Y gOjLxHR8UF7YdTKe8ziMn4g589d Ui63C PIEqk7jGMAbxzcknkuvN1jPbRtnqYY6JeBLjQ

Below, users are also informed about what makes Joggy different. Excluding your original or unique product characteristics can make a huge difference in the user’s choice to purchase your product. It sets you out from the crowd and can convince people to take a leap of faith even if they knew nothing about your brand in the first place.

Rc5WPww9PMCvcUk9Gkzt2N4cJkEhoOpD9rYrNCO3IVqnCtg3AX4DB4UxBKrn0sukVFtceT4 X85Yz3rpkAgjRW3WA99Lyt9zStpct6st9psYOn3PyORHEyr9MaMJd7hWm8al ukvduDSIVJsepKJWOM

Notes to take from this website:

  • Use drastic and non-traditional ways to display your product;
  • Don’t overload the product page with lots of visible information;
  • Emphasize what makes you different.


The Ridge offers modern and non-traditional wallets, key cases, and other similar products intended to make your life easier. At first glance, Ridge’s product page looks neat and organized, just like its wallets. A few photographs of the product are displayed, and users can learn more information by clicking on the grouped sections. 

O1oRsws3qEDDSCkPvYKfvcsGZvEPeKbPpllr89RLvJHI5grcPEyc AHpau4oq32vUfayvOdR7gc8NXQnUVZKhV2uN2beZE6zwu15sKX1T5tyfCW I UWnA 8mTp7Iphr97DPqJ5Vmlgg uwFrGAbfq4

Scrolling down, the product page includes a smoothly moving image of cards sliding out of the Ridge wallet. It is a great way to showcase how your product works and induce visitors’ curiosity. This section also displays the main product’s characteristics.

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We believe one of the most persuasive ways to introduce your product is showing how a person would be using the product or how it would look in natural everyday surroundings. The Ridge does it well by incorporating high-quality, zoomed-in product photographs throughout the page.

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Notes to take from this website:

  • Include moving objects to effectively portray how your product works;
  • Use high-quality pictures to show your product being used in everyday life;
  • Prioritize showcasing your product’s unique characteristics.


The MUD\WTR features a somewhat different product page layout that is rather elegant and minimalistic but instantly catches your attention. Straight-off users are introduced to the product and what it includes. The nutrition facts are also incorporated in this section, as they appear to be one of the most important parts of this product.

Hjwbb20IhkIpHPXqkwMihyuwS LFv9WdwdAMisa5kjw2fYvAZtFEmH5JCSTTR3

After scrolling through a few photographs, users can see a catchy phrase and an explanation about the product’s ingredients. In a way, it portrays the brand’s values and shows that its transparent about the product. We also love how the product’s ingredients are revealed one by one, combined with the associated pictures and place of origin.

V yWUQDVLmX36Aky6AxTwGUg3O8eg5DEZPAM1v rupnH3krs8Ef80CXqNJ Um0W 8eqFdDBY08apDrtz7ZSbcpEc8Iy8AClieIfJUQTJw qA59IffCyKrLwIXAd hvJQ xKIj HIw6gyo N8zaFYomg

Scrolling down a bit further, users can find a more detailed description of the product, all the certifications, an explanation of the creation process, and its nutrition facts. All this information is displayed in a well-contrasting background, symbolizing that users must read this section.

I375ar3QjCs5xfcbBIlDLU9KcKWOzhjKReNPXo5QmpPDy gSGbr4TY3K iJVYxCjb5JYOMXBZr86duDma URjXul6 G6oWlP8OU2bmGx65 tyHSIG9v fqLKzz GULVFouRXd4 UgeoC0XFbcyWyLWw

Notes to take from this website:

  • Don’t be afraid to use catchy phrases and acronyms;
  • Think of more creative ways to introduce your product’s ingredients;
  • Display information in a clearly visible way.


The Feastables product page is sweet and cute looking, just like their product packaging. It perfectly shows how to connect your page design to complement your product. The page design is definitely eye-catching and stimulates the user’s chocolate cravings. We would like to point out that providing users the ability to choose the flavor by picking out different chocolate icons is a great alternative to simply listing the flavors. The flavor description is fun and instantly separates the product from the others.

BYzYEAVXgf5SQyy pALjH6RPk4ItV0OMn5EdgKLORPzKhUMQlSK3T2kBIKfCU1aZz7RLwr0YyVijW44zDrzP3f4GYmRMEwoEWrkO1DA1kqybtYH3S6 jdThWGsAyNEGNqKva2hrJtl9P P7ZqMEPUE

Beautiful and fun photographs incorporated in the product page do a great job of lifting the visitor’s mood. Their only purpose here is to set the mood and stimulate chocolate cravings in people, which is an important task when it comes to sweets.

N8DmebDhPZb3b6PIIgZZ KVnqZlw9EYWiYDxNymUj5pvhWcjkb3iWR5k39f4FLCot

The product breakdown looks fun and interesting as well. It is presented in an attention-grabbing way, and the reason behind this decision is clear after reading the chocolate’s nutrition facts. It is obvious that the brand wants visitors to read this section carefully as it showcases that the Feastables chocolate is far superior and healthier than others. We are guessing that the chocolate’s nutrition facts are the main selling point that should be the most convincing. 

RnYRtbkvq0qh a8EdtTndNa R9qTDTu0L0RPW8F8FnKUmx2mIfiH7 JiTKigMGtMC5a4TW2oyZI2FmfGwi8Knh84PT0E1KowZy3O YY1ymua GHFH h0JlWeeorv8Em3MZeHoHu3L3MPBu0qNQq8Cw

Notes to take from this website:

  • Your product page should represent and even strengthen your products packaging design;
  • Lifting the user’s mood can work wonders in convincing them to purchase;
  • Use bigger fonts to attract the visitor’s attention to the right place.

Liquid Death

The Liquid Death’s product page also chooses to represent different product flavors with tiny product images. Users are instantly introduced to the product description and a few strong points about what makes it special. This product page features a black background, which helps set the mood and makes the text extremely easy to read.

1FVKZAesFLin85G2Kc5CFrg Pcxvh9teC8vzy0SB842hfb7pDcy4OX66Foezkf3kYUw1iZ XMRJOn6ADD1 beUYFZExCL47JT869uTAQKwaXkVhTtRg6vyCT6cGa8mb

As we’ve mentioned before, informing the visitors where they can buy your product in physical stores is a great decision. Liquid Death allows users to enter their location and reveals which local stores may have their product. This is a great way to present personalized information and help users get more aware of your product the next time they visit those stores.

5CSXXtGvqdZWSsQsMUtNQS5tmqI0IXy58HIgtMITDO03GBj2K6UdS0DfxEJwO4r1L 76bIs

Users can also find the recommendations block at the bottom of the page. A catchy phrase ensures that the section won’t be missed while scrolling through the product page. We also like how the recommended products are from different product categories. It follows the scenario that the person has already decided to purchase a drink but may be interested in the Liquid Death hat.

h2GTNCLsKPcnb0MKdg05i9MhMlWhDmZ0fC324cAz kappGJn3H6CIh6MVe3E agnjiAW0u8glOpaAHxO1vh4aCbmb9awnP4kL

Notes to take from this website:

  • Use well-contracting background and text colors;
  • Allow visitors to learn about your product in local stores;
  • Use tiny product images to make the flavor selection easier.

Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club features a rather simplistic design and a non-overloaded layout. The product information is presented on the right, explaining why the visitor needs this product. The benefits and strong features of the shave gel are singled out and displayed as a checklist. This kind of format instantly attracts visitors' attention as they enter the product page. 

Scrolling down, the users can expand sections to learn more information about the product’s ingredients and usage. Overall, the information provided on this product page is concise and simple, just like the product itself. 

Notes to take from this website:

  • You can display your product’s features with a checklist to make it more visible;
  • Include associative photographs;
  • Keep the layout simple and the information concise.

Vacation Inc / Poolsuite

We’re finishing our list with a strong product page example from Vacation Inc. Users will instantly notice a unique design that, combined with the photographs, creates an old-school feeling. The product is displayed as a spinning object, which is an excellent way to showcase how your product looks. Basic product details are included on the right in a different colored background to make it more visible. This is a great example of how to present all the information the user might need at the first look at the page. 

Vc8SYzA5k9 aWhiATzR4md T9dxYnH1IdBs2zQwwr15RVgfMW7QqoqexilB55bG5vCPFxg65ue85FYCCuAliVAf9J0cmYji13gfJ4NOi st1sCJi12GiOvPl2ripNCwFQO4bsieG0q zSYUye7X3qc8

This product page also includes a declaration that the product is dermatologist approved and developed with the help of professionals. It inspires trust in the product and helps to convince the user of its quality.

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We also like how the product’s ingredients are presented on this page. Listing each ingredient, including a short description and a tiny picture of it, helps bring the user’s attention to it. If needed, the users are given a choice to learn about all ingredients.

VXKBpeFjH3Dou6rLVVP594xyvqxGCGL8jTwIiNN5R ZWsJ 7Y aMyDgV6CzJdA1TPRY3jmGiL5gZJuVMsG5 cHcrfMw3iV

Notes to take from this website:

  • Moving objects, associative pictures, and videos are highly effective in grabbing user’s attention;
  • Build trust in your product by sharing customer reviews and how your product was developed;
  • Give appropriate attention to important details of your product.


In conclusion, the best product page examples will have all the necessary features to grab and keep the customer's attention, ensure a smooth buying experience, and make the product page functional.

To be successful, the page must include eye-catching visuals, comprehensive and clear product descriptions, social proof such as reviews, a secure payment system, and easy navigation.