Updated on: January 13, 2023

Fantastic Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra Money in 2023

By the Digital Lemonade team

Money, dollars, euros, bills, bread. Who wouldn't love more of it?

Almost everyone could use a little extra money, but sometimes having full-time work and saving extra cash aren't enough. It does not matter if it's a student loan, cash for a mortgage, or beer money. We got you covered with 11 side hustle ideas which you can start today!

Here are some side hustle ideas if you want to earn extra money (LET'S HUSTLE!):

Side Hustle Ideas

Online Surveys

Online surveys are an easy way to make extra money on the side with minimal knowledge. They are available through many different websites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie. Some companies will even pay you for your participation in cash, gift cards, or points which you can exchange for valuable stuff.

When looking for online survey sites, you must research and select ones you trust. It is essential to read reviews from other users before signing up with any platform.

Additionally, it is necessary to remember that filling out online surveys takes time.

Most of the time, it will not pay your bills, but you can get some starting capital for other endeavors.

Drive for Bolt, Lyft or Uber

One of the most popular side hustle opportunities is driving for a ridesharing service such as Lyft or Uber. If you own a reliable vehicle, it can be a great way to make some extra money. (Perfect variant would be Toyota Prius)

Driving with Lyft, Bolt, or Uber can be beneficial because it allows you to work when you're available. The typical hourly rate is higher than the minimum wage. The requirements to start driving vary by city and country.

Although all drivers must pass a background check and have at least three years of driving experience.

Additionally, you'll need auto insurance that meets the requirements of your country's regulations.

Also, remember that you must exclude your car maintenance and insurance from your final sum.

Become a Food Delivery Service Driver

Even if you don't have a car, don't let that stop you from making some extra mullah. You can use an electric scooter or bike or go on foot to deliver food!

Become a food delivery service driver like Doordash or Postmates (or any similar). You will need to pass a background check, but you can work as much or as little as you want. These services pay cash for the food you deliver and then take a cut of that fee as payment for driving.

Rent your home or spare room on AirBnb

Yes. It can be tricky.

But if you have a home or room, why not rent it on Airbnb?

It can make you extra money by renting it to tourists. There are many pros and cons, but if your primary concern is to make extra money on the side, it can benefit you greatly.

It will not replace your full-time income. But it can significantly cover some of your expenses.

But make sure to check if your property is allowed on it. It can give you a lot of headaches if you re-leasing your rental.

Sell products on Etsy

If you have a creative side and enjoy making things, consider selling your goods on Etsy.

Sell vintage pieces you find at thrift stores or craft new items and sell them on the platform.

Also, you can sell digital products such as digital invitation templates.

Or you can offer services like animating their photo to Simpson-style photos!

Dog walk or pet sit

Do you want to make extra cash while spending time with furry friends?

Dog walking or pet sitting may be the side hustle for you.

This job is perfect for animal lovers. It offers flexible hours, so it's convenient for anyone who wants extra income.

More people are moving to cities, which means that pet-sitting and walking services will only increase in demand.

It's hard to scale this side hustle because a lot depends on your living location. Income can vary.

Teach English Online

Do you consider yourself a pro in English? If your answer is yes, consider becoming an English language tutor.

There is an increasing demand for English teachers worldwide. The usual rate is between $12 and $60 per hour, based on your qualifications and skills. You can choose flexible working hours as a remote or online teacher.

In most cases, you don’t need any previous teaching experience. Having a bachelor’s degree or a certificate would be an advantage.

Teach Spanish Online

The same rules apply to Spanish tutoring as English tutoring.

In Spanish-speaking countries, buying power growing each year, and it becoming safer each decade.

And did you know there are over 500 million native Spanish speakers? Imagine how many businessmen travel to Latin America and open companies.

The numbers will be huge, and you can capitalize on it by tutoring the Spanish language to people.

Pay varies from $10 to $40 an hour.

Start a social media page

There are two different examples. One of becoming an influencer yourself or you create "distribution" accounts. Imagine memes or fitness accounts that reshare posts.

With the right strategy and dedication, you can make money by partnering with brands through sponsorship opportunities on your social media account. Or you can sell shout-outs or even open your own dropshipping/POD store and make money that way!

A great starting point is finding an area you are passionate about or have knowledge in and focusing your content around that topic or niche.

Then, focus on building your following by consistently posting quality content and engaging with other users.

As your following grows, you can reach out to companies and offer them sponsored posts or collaborations – this will generate extra income while also allowing you to share products or services related to your niche with a larger audience.

Creating and growing a social media page might be the perfect solution if you're looking for an easy, low-cost way to earn extra money.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Do you know how to Excel? Or how to do menial technical tasks? Or are you great with administrative work?

Becoming a virtual assistant may be the perfect fit.

Virtual assistants provide administrative support while working remotely from home.

You might be responsible for creating content, managing social media accounts, clearing up data, and responding to emails.

Many different types of virtual assistant roles are available. The most important skill required is excellent verbal and written communication.

Additionally, basic computer skills and knowledge of main software programs may help you.


Freelancing can be good extra income as you sell your services outside your full-time work hours.

You can charge clients for your services if you are a graphic designer or have any other creative skill.

It's best that you would have well-established skills you can sell.

So as you read 11 side hustle ideas the next your question could be how to start it?

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How to Start a Side Hustle?

Finding the the best option for you can be a tricky process. Not only are there a lot of side hustle ideas lying around.

But knowing which is best for your financial needs, abilities, and interests is hard.

To help you decide on the perfect side hustle job for you, here are some tips that'll help guide your search.

Consider what kind of skills or knowledge you have

Are there any hobbies that you particularly enjoy? Which activities are most fulfilling to you? Consider how much time and effort you're willing to invest in this new venture and ensure it fits your schedule.

Additionally, research what other people are doing in your area – maybe someone has already set up a successful business opportunity that could work well for you.

There is no magic pill. Research what others are doing and do it better. There are dozens of similiar hustles. Pick it and stick to it.

How much you're willing to spend?

Knowing how much you want to invest in starting and operating a side hustle is important.

For example, suppose you already own a reliable car or a bike. In that case, you can start a food delivery service right now.

The best way is to start small and scale up.

Schedule time for your side hustle

If you are juggling a full-time job and a side hustle, then it is essential to schedule time for both.

If your side hustle takes time away from your main gig, you will be exhausted and unproductive.

Figure out a schedule for both your side hustle and your main job that allows you to be productive.

Be honest about the time it will take to run your side hustle. If you can't give it the time it deserves, then don't start it.

Create a business plan for your side hustle. A specific plan will help you to organize your thoughts and have something to review when things aren't going as planned.

Also, don't forget your mental health. If you burn out and collapse, it will be no good in the long-run.

Search for scalable side hustle

Another mindset that will help you long-term go for a side hustle that can scale.

For example, a designing website can turn out to be a business. When you have a lot of gigs, you can outsource them to your peers or another agency.

This way, you become a middleman who takes the cut out of the process. But this rule mainly applies to the services you provide.

It would be tough to scale food delivering side hustle this way.


Picking a side hustle can be demanding. You can only succeed by trying out and seeing what sticks the best for you.

And when you get the initial capital, you can start other side hustles that bring more freedom or money to you.

Good luck with side hustling!